Impact | вплив

Community Assistance

Hired 6 Ukrainians to provide daily help to others at our support center within the World Central Kitchen space at Czasoprzestrzeń, Wrocław.

Innovators for Ukraine has donated and personally delivered thousands of dollars in

  • Food supplies to give to Ukrainians at the humanitarian organizations at Czasoprzestrzeń and Grochowa helping thousands daily

  • Gift cards and cash to dozens of select Ukrainians and their families in situations of greater need

  • Personal hygiene items for new arrivals from Ukraine at train station

Helped support Ukrainians with work-related needs, such as:

  • Called an employer after a Ukrainian worker was not paid which resulted in immediate payment to the worker

  • 1 person obtained work in her field of Podology after being encouraged and supported by the team from Innovators for Ukraine.

  • 1 person gained valuable experience and connections working for Innovators for Ukraine and is now working for WROmigrant.

Organized events and activities to support community and action:

  • Storytelling event with speakers telling about how they helped others or were helped by others during this traumatic time of war

  • Showcase event for artists and handcrafters in collaboration with MiserArt NGO that helps homeless people through art

  • Emotional heart activity to help people express their feelings of fear, anger, joy and gratitude as an outlet for emotions (ongoing)

Natalia and her husband received new mattresses and bedding after Innovators from Ukraine learned they were sleeping on hardwood floors.

14-year-old Daria received financial support from Innovators from Ukraine to support her younger sibling and older pregnant sister while her parents both fight in the war back home in Ukraine.

A random encounter with a woman helping an orphan with broken shoes resulted in a donation of money to buy new shoes for the orphan girl.

Independence, Integration, Work, Entrepreneurship

Community Building & Social Gatherings

Providing support for bringing people together in community through in-person activity and in our virtual Telegram group

Employment Support

  • Aggregating and sharing information about jobs and employment opportunities

  • Working with existing companies to hire Ukrainians into apprenticeship programs

  • Bringing individual jobs to the community when we find them

Entrepreneurship Support

  • Workshops and support for Ukrainians interested in starting a company or business activity in Poland

  • Working with multiple organizations in the Polish startup ecosystem to adapt accelerator programs and direct Ukrainians to existing programs

  • Developing new programs where gaps exist, so the Ukrainian community can learn about entrepreneurship and receive support for startup creation

Polish Language Learning

Aggregating information about language classes and experimenting with novel methods for rapid language learning, such as with text-message courses by Arist.